Mar 07, 2016 09 00 AM PST

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The 2016 Local Search Association Conference ** DEMO **

** DEMO ONLY ** See and hear Marco Zappacosta CEO of Thumbtack!

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The 2016 Local Search Association Conference ** DEMO **


Building on the strength of LSA’s 2015 conference in LA, we’re going both deeper and broader this year. There will be more tactical information as well as new speakers that take the event beyond its normal range of sessions and topics.

What are the key elements of digital transformation? How do you inspire commitment and creativity among employees? How do you build genuine loyalty in your customers to support greater word of mouth? What sorts of operational insights can be learned from digital marketing data? 

In addition to these “big picture” questions, we’ll be offering best practices across a range of digital disciplines: from SEO to social to mobile and indoor location. We’ll also be gazing into the three-year crystal ball to identify the critical trends and developments you'll need to prepare for in order to remain competitive in this dynamic and quickly evolving marketplace. 
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